About Us


Roto Reel™ was born in 2000 as a result of Roto Plastics™ product range, Roto Spool™ success. Originally starting off as a simple concept of utilizing an existing spool from Roto Spool™ range and placing it onto a frame, the concept then progressed into the prototype stage and it then became quite clear that the guys at Roto Reel™ were not going to just settle for a sub standard reel.


Over a period of 2 years, extensive efforts were invested into the range of products such as its unique one piece steel frame, the solid spool that runs on bearings, the spool lock mechanism, as well as the built in lead light, to name a few.


With the undeniable strength and quality of the Heavy Duty Range, it has been found that Roto Reel™ has received somewhat of a cult following in certain industries such as, broadcasting sound & film, construction, contract cleaning, landscaping and mining.


Roto Reel™ has been successful in the manufacturing and supplying of Electric Extension Reels since 2002, for conventional power supply applications, as well as a number of industry specific applications. Roto Reel spares no exception to quality when it come to their innovative and practical designs.


Recently Roto Reel™ has introduced a Light Duty Range for the DIY enthusiast which meets the requirements of today’s tight budgets without jeopardizing on Roto Reel™ reputation for supplying High Quality Products.



Roto Reel™ is proud on the launch of its Cable Dispenser, as there has not been anything like it in the market to date, and will continue to push the boundaries when it comes to innovations and added value.

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